April 22-26, 2019

Group Challenge

Looking for a team-building activity? Why not pick litter together! The group challenge is an opportunity for workplaces, service groups and non-profits to compete and be recognized for their community spirit. The group that collects the most trash per participant wins! The winning group gets a trophy, bragging rights and recognition for their awesome efforts on social media.

School Challenge

If you’re a student or teacher, register your school and get the word out! The school with the highest participation rate (number of students collecting for Trash Bash divided by total school enrollment) will be declared the winner. High school students: you can use the Bash for community volunteer hours!

To Register for the Group and School Challenges:

1) Save the date. Ask your employer or principal for permission to assemble a group of volunteers. Groups and schools can pick litter anytime from April 22-26, 2019 . Choose the date that works best for your crew.

2) Contact Raquel Richardson by email at cdc@batawa.ca  or call 613-398-6111 to register your group or school.

3) Once you complete your litter round-up, email Raquel the number of participants from your group or school that took part and the number of bags collected.

Winners will be announced the week following Trash Bash!